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Conference tables

For an IT company we made 3 fantastic conference tables.

One was 2.22 by 4.4 meters! This table can be split in half, so there are 2 tables of 2.2 x 2.2m. The large table top is made of oak with java teak in the middle, this really finishes it off. The wood is treated with hardwax against staining. The table has 2 self designed steel bases, made by our appreciated partner Handmade by Hal5. The Suar table is 3.2 by 1.6 meters and the tabletop of 7cm’s thick is made out of 2 individual tops. The Suar wood is treated with hardwax against staining but also to give it a nice deep colour. This table also has an own designed base (of course in consultation with the cllient!) made by Hal5. The round oak tabletop of Ø2 meters is 7cm’s thick and is treated with walnut coloured hardwax. It has a steel cross base XL. All tables are provided with holes for electricity points.


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